Alley of Baobabs …

Madagascar is unlike any place else on Earth. It has been separated from other land masses for almost a hundred million years. As a result, evolution there has proceeded along a separate track from any other region. The vast majority of plants and animals you will find in Madagascar are unlike anything you may have seen before. In western Madagascar, the Alley of Baobabs is one of those unique landscapes. The Alley is a major regional tourism draw. While tourists spend thousands of dollars on plane tickets, hotels and tours to get there, the people on whose land this marvel exists get nothing. In order to survive, local communities are raising water levels to expand rice paddies that increase the stress on the baobabs. Funded by USAID, Conservation International and the Malagasy NGO Fanamby are working to reverse this situation. They are developing a project to improve the competitiveness among small businesses involved in the tourism supply chain. This video invites you to learn more about the ecotourism project and to cooperate with the conservation efforts to save this natural treasure.

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General Production: Andrea Margit

Field Production: Varsy Andrianarivony, Haroldo Castro, John Martin, Nirina Rajaonarivelo, Daniela Rakotomamonjy Hilarys Ramiandrasoa, Andry Randriantsoa, Hajasoa Raoeliarivelo, Seracom Madagascar, Art Wolf

Photography: Luciano Andriamaro, Nina Kolbe, Olivier Langrand, Russ Mittermeier, Piotr Naskrecki, Daniela Raik, Mamonjy Razafafindrakoto

Narration: Bob Holmcrans

Music and sound design: Daniel Magnani

Editing, post-production and motion graphics: d2R Studios

Translation: Nina Kolbe, Daniela Raik, Eric Ramarijaona, Andry Randriantsoa, Hajasoa Raoeliarivelo, Aina Ravelojaona

CI Ecotourism Project Team: Neel Inamdar, Kathryn Kelly, Nina Kolbe, Daniela Raik, Andry Randriantsoa


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